About Us


In 2020, Burwell Enterprises was created to serve as umbrella corporation for a multitude real estate companies focused on large scale residential, mixed use and urban developments. Each project under Burwell Enterprises benefits from an executive team with more than one hundred years of combined experience in real estate development, property management, architectural design, neighborhood planning and construction of residential and retail projects. 


This breadth of relationships and experience within the subsidiary companies allows Burwell Enterprises to stay highly involved from deal sourcing to project conception through pre-development, project financing and creating construction partnerships. Burwell Enterprises also offers a complete scope of development services for non-profit organizations, private acquisitions and investment capital.


Our dedicated team of accomplished real estate professionals take a free-thinking and imaginative approach in designing residences that anticipate the needs of today’s most tech friendly and green conscious homebuyers and residents. Spanning the entire spectrum of design and building, Burwell Enterprises has a rare ability to bring together talented teams to realize ambitious goals in cities across America.

Over the last 20 years, BE has helped organizations secure more than $30m in loans, grants, housing subsidies, and venture capital.

Current commercial development projects: Oasis Square 773-795 18th Ave. (multi-retail stores)

Attached is a mildly amended summary of the Oasis Square in Irvington.

Construction will begin in 2021

Subsidiary companies: Burwell Capital Management, Burwell Capital Development, Now Is The Time Development, South Ward Land Enterprises

Access to more than $500m in investment capital