URIEL BURWELL is a real estate developer and neighborhood planner who has committed his career to urban real estate development and planning. Burwell Capital Management is currently building 50 residential units, with several organizations, in the Central and West wards of Newark, NJ.  

Upon graduating from Drew University, Uriel returned to his childhood neighborhood armed with a vision to build one of the nation’s largest real estate investment trusts by upgrading the quality of housing and economic development in urban communities.  To date, he has built 50 new affordable houses, rehabilitated more than 100 residential units and continues to advocate for programs for home ownership working class families throughout the State of NJ.     

As a community organizer, Uriel founded New Visions Community Development Corporation, a non-profit organization and built STAND, a grassroots organization comprised of 300 registered voters from both Irvington and Newark.  In 2002, Uriel ran for Central Ward Councilman in the City of Newark and now serves as a board member for Greater Newark Charter School, several neighborhood preservation boards. He has received numerous community awards, which includes the Community Foundation of NJ, Do Something and Weed and Seed.     

As Founder and CEO of Burwell Capital Management (BCM), LLC, an urban real estate development and consulting firm, the company was awarded more than $20 million in grants, loans, state and federal subsidies to build affordable homes and apartments in Essex County. In April 2019, Burwell Capital Development submitted an application, on behalf of United Community Corporation, to the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) for the development of 9-2 family homes and full rehabilitation of 2 multi-unit properties. In April 2019, United Community Village was awarded $3,000,000 in project financing.